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So nice that Conrad Veidt got to play a good guy for once! - - Margaret Heilbrun. This scene with Conrad Veidt sniffing her perfume and handling her lingerie is very sexy...lingerie is a powerful thing. - - Elizabeth West. He is a year older than Edith Crawley. Who knew? - - Gayer Than Thou.

Conrad Veidt (1893-1943) was a German silent/sound actor probably most remembered as Cesare the somnambulist in The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1920). Veidt starred as Paul Körner, one of the first gay characters in cinema history. It was co-written by sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld, the film's...

Was Conrad Veidt gay or straight? Many people enjoy sharing rumors about the sexuality and sexual orientation of celebrities. We don't know for a fact whether Conrad Veidt was gay, bisexual or straight.

Meet Conrad Veidt, Badass. He dedicated his life to fighting Nazis, starred in two of the most lasting films of all time and inspired both The Joker and Jaffar. He was a rare star of both the silent and talking era of film (in two languages). He starred in the first pro-gay rights movie EVER and several of...

Андрей Кожевников, Equal-Gay.Com. 1919 году на экраны вышел один из самых первым ЛГБТ-фильмов в истории, который взорвал кинематограф. Исполнитель главной роли Конрад Фейдт (Conrad Veidt) к концу 1920-х стал одним из самых высокооплачиваемых немецких...

Page 20 - 25I had intended to write about Conrad Veidt for quite some time; Veidt himself opposed my plans at first."What do you want?" he "evil" at one point and refers to heterosexuality as "normal" in opposition to other sexualities (yes, in a bio of a guy who starred in the first gay rights movie ever and.

Conrad Veidt (1893 - 1943). A star on theatrical stages, the German actor appeared in his first silent film, The Spy, in 1917 as well as in the pioneer gay rights feature, Different from the Others, in 1919.

Conrad Veidt (January 22 1893 - April 3 1943) was a German actor, remembered for his roles in such films as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919), The Thief of Bagdad (1940) and Casablanca (1942). He also served as the inspiration for the appearance of the comic book supervillain Joker through his role...

The Conrad Veidt Society is dedicated to continuing Conrad Veidt's legacy as a humanitarian. In his early career he starred in movies advocating gay and women rights. In later life he was a staunch opponent of the mindless hatred of Nazism.

Conrad Veidt in Casablanca as Major Strasser. The second - and my all time favorite - was the Korda Brothers' 1940 epic fantasy, "The Thief of Baghdad" in which he was the His views were outspokenly anti Nazi, and he was gay. Being a close friend of the German actor, Hans knew Veidt as "Connie."

Why are Conrad Veidt's ashes in London and not in Berlin, where he was born? Veidt's cremains came very close to resting in a German cemetery. A temporary exhibit at Berlin's Gay Museum (Schwulenmuseum) is also part of the commemoration.

Veidt did a variety of work and even acted in Magnus Hirschfield's gay rights film Anders als die Andern (Different From the Others) (1919). ^ IMDB.com. Conrad Veidt. ^ Prawer, S.S "Caligari's Children", pg 183.

Anyway, there are a few gay movies Conrad was in. I own one, but parts were missing when they were putting together the DVD version, so they filled those spots with photographs. Conrad Veidt is my favorite actor of all time, so I'm excited to see art featuring him.

"When Conrad Veidt takes a movie heroine in his arms, every woman in the audience knows that he is just as likely to choke her as kiss her. Strasser isn't actually coded as gay—and in a movie with some blatant queer coding going on with the part of Captain Renault (who steals the entire movie and walks...
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