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The six "gay" penguins remain at the zoo, among them Z and Vielpunkt who are now rearing the chick together after being given the rejected egg. "Z and Vielpunkt, both males, gladly accepted their 'Easter gift' and got straight down to raising it," said a zoo statement.

Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. Comments. In zoos around the world, same-sex penguin couples often steal eggs from opposite-sex pairs. The Hagenbeck Zoo in Germany is home to Juan and Carlos a same-sex Humboldt penguin couple who incubated an artificial egg.

A pair of gay male penguins are raising an abandoned chick at a German zoo. Bremerhaven zoo veterinarian Joachim Schoene said the egg was placed in the male penguins' nest after its parents rejected it in late April.

It sounds like God likes double standards to me. Tsk. Tsk.

"Since the chick arrived, they have been behaving just as you would expect a heterosexual couple to do. A similar incident occurred at a zoo in China, where a gay penguin couple attempted to steal an egg from a straight couple by placing pebbles at their feet before waddling away with the egg.

Spiegel Online:Two male penguins at a zoo in Bremerhaven, Germany — who have been a pair for years — have hatched and raised an abandoned chick as their own.

(Newser) - A pair of homosexual male penguins is raising a chick together, the BBC reports. A zoo in Germany reports that one of its three pairs of gay males hatched the egg after it was rejected by its biological parents. "Since the chick arrived...
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