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Tags: gay, gay culture, gay tourism, gay-friendly, LGBT, LGBTQ. Connecticut - The Ghost Capital of New England. January 26, 2018. Save Big: A Review of Wholesale Travel Platform.

Many people move there from other parts of New England, which is anti-gay. Cities in the southwest vary. Some areas are not too gay friendly, though people there are far less likely to get violent over it.

Several factors like equal age of consent laws set at 16, partnership laws and even legal commitment ceremonies in some major cities have all worked in favor of making the following cities the most gay-friendly in UK.

New England is among the most welcoming destinations in the U.S. for gay visitors. The city offers a number of "TAG-approved" hotels that guarantee gay-friendly employment policies and services, plus support for the gay community.

LGBT-friendly cities based on Vocativ's new Queer Index. In the spirit of Gay Pride Month, media organization Vocativ has released its first-ever "Queer Index," which uses a number of lifestyle factors to determine the most gay-friendly cities in the United States.

🇩🇰Denmark. 🇬🇧England. 🇫🇮Finland. 🇮🇸Iceland. Fashion, theatre, advertising and the arts have perpetuated New York into one of the most gay friendliest cities in the world.

Gay-Friendly Towns and Cities. By Andrew Collins. Updated 02/04/18. More to Explore. Where to Find the Best Gay Bars in New England.

As to which gay-friendly cities belong at the top of your bucket list, try one of the top destinations below. Both have gay-friendly hotels, restaurants, clubs, and shops. London, England, United Kingdom.

Trying to make a "top 10" list is always going to incite a bit of drama, so I've put below my favorite gay European cities—not in any order, but with my personal recommendations on what makes these such gay-friendly cities.

List of Most Gay Friendly Cities in America. Fans have very strong opinions about their favorite shows so please post a comment. Some shows are available on...
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