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National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality and Others v Minister of Home Affairs and Others, [1999] ZACC 17, is a 1999 decision of the Constitutional Court of South Africa which extended to same-sex partners the same benefits granted to spouses in the issuing of immigration permits.

Some gay and lesbian people won't mind being a resource for you, but you should not assume this to be the case. If you know a gay person and think he might be open to answering some of your questions, politely ask him. Use appropriate language.

Gay men and lesbians have always adopted, though in the past they usually hid their sexual orientation. Once you know more about their situation, you can help them access appropriate resources and connect them with other gay or lesbian adoptive parents."

199). Lesbians and gays love and form deep and lasting commitments just like heterosexuals. While in 1997, a women named Sharon Bottoms loses her child in Virginia to her mother for being gay, active lesbianism practiced in the home may pose a burden upon the child by reason of Social...

What is the most appropriate comparison group? This is a difcult question, given the heterogeneity of gay and lesbian families with children. Consider lesbian couples who have children through sperm donation, or gay couples who have chil-dren through surrogacy.
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